Sunday, November 21, 2021

Candy Cane 13

YAY!! SL's favorite holiday hunt is back for it's 13th year! Candy Cane is a non-denominational festival of stripes. Our hunt features a few changes this year, mostly having to do with hints. See below for details.

DATES: Dec 1 - Dec 25, 2021

COST: $3L per item. Merchant keeps money


GIFTS: Female Only or Both/Unisex! Home and Garden also!

THEME: Gifts should be in theme for this hunt but interpreting the theme is up to the creator. Red and white stripes, holiday, winter, cocoa, etc. Its not forbidden, but merchants are asked to avoid making specific religious items due to the diversity of SL

Gingerbread Path - Home & Garden
Peppermint Path - Home & Garden
Jack Frost Path - Male & Female or Unisex
Sugarplum Fairy Path - Female Only
Ice Queen Path - Female Only


We have updated our system and now have hint huds you can wear and click when you land. You can get these by clicking a hunt sign at any store or the gateway. There are also hint buttons on each sign. (The sign is not always obvious or easy to find so I suggest using the huds.)

For this reason the hints will no longer be added to the blog. The hints can now be easily programed by the merchant and this makes it simple for them to move their hunt item and update the hint at will to thwart cheat sheets etc. 

We also now have a start and stop time programmed into our hunt items. They will not sell prior to that time. You will no longer be able to grab prizes early or find stragglers still in place after the hunt ends. They will self-delete. You also cant spy the hiding place in advance. Our hunt items are equipped to be invisible until the start time.

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