This page is a work in progress and may be changed/updated without notice.

NOTE: Stores accepted in past hunts will not necessarily be accepted going forward. All stores will be inspected. This is not meant to hurt feelings, but to improve the quality of our events.


DATES: Dec 1 - Dec 25, 2021

COST: $3L per item. Merchant keeps money

CAP: Up to 75 stores

PRIZES: Male and female/Unisex, Female Only, Home & Garden

THEME: Gifts should be in theme for this hunt but interpreting the theme is up to the creator. Red and white stripes! While it is allowed, we suggest avoiding representing specific religions in order to include everyone.

PRIZES:Must be new and exclusive through the duration of the hunt. It can be a special edition or recolor of an existing item but must not be something used previously or something that is or has been for sale in your store. The prize must also be the same level of quality as anything else you sell.
**We charge more than most other hunts, so we need to be better than most other hunts.**

  • Absolutely no children’s stores
  • Items for regular sized avatars (you can also include Petite versions etc)
  • No breedables.
  • No resellers, business in a box, etc.
  • No malls. Clubs are now accepted with quality prize.
  • No mall locations unless lands at store or tracks can be used, not a forced central location
  • No stores selling less than 20 completely different items. 10 colors of the same shirt count as 1 item.
  • Quality - Items for sale must be mostly current. Right now that is mesh, items for mesh bodies if clothing, appliers and BOM for tattoos or makeup etc. Vendor ads should be to current standards.
  • No stores using mostly multi-vendors (Except texture sellers or if vendor holds a single item in different colors, or H&G if it has a rezzer)
  • No carts or "mall stalls" (small square open-front mall stores). There needs to be someplace to hide.
  • If you use templates, you must create your own textures for the items. Not recolors of the sample textures or completed clothing textures purchased from other creators. You also should adhere to the TOS for your templates.
  • You must read/write fluent English or have someone that does who can help you. List them as your manager so we have a name to contact.
  • Only 1 location per brand is allowed. If you have 2 stores, you may enter both as long as they are different brands selling completely different items. They also must each have their own landing and not be in the same building or in buildings that connect. (interior doorways so you can pass from one to the other) as this is highly confusing to hunters.


Prim Usage:

  • Signs range from 4-6 LI. We will not have a simple 1LI sign for this hunt.
  • The hunt item will be 1 LI
  • Path Marker 1 - 3LI (depends on size)
  • We no longer use a hint giver.
  • Tracks, if used, are 1 LI each.
  • Please allow up to 1 week to receive your welcome pkg or waiting list notification
  • Incomplete apps will be disregarded. Apps with display names will be burned.
  • If you do not send me your landmark, you will not be accepted.
  • You will not be placed in a path if you haven't placed your sign/kiosk. After the first sign check, all stores without a sign will be moved to the bottom of the list and the welcome box will be resent. Your placement will reflect this. Until you place the sign, you are accepted but not considered a participant.
  • The status of your application can be viewed on the spreadsheet. If you were rejected, this is where you can find out why.


You understand that YOU are responsible for making sure your store is ready and that any correspondence from hunt staff is done via the spreadsheet. There is always a link provided right above the application form on the blog and a notecard is always included with the welcome and final kits. Bookmark it. We use the same spreadsheet for every hunt.

  • If you move without notice, you may be dropped from the hunt.
  • If you do move, a notecard is included in both boxes.
  • Please never send a loose LM or IM me to say you moved.
  • Please DO NOT wait until the hunt items are sent out and then say you moved. I will find you and I will kill you. (not really lol)

GROUP: You, your representative, or your *often checked* alt will join the hunt group and remain until the end of the hunt. The group is indeed checked to make sure no one has left the group.
  • If you join the group, get marked off on the spreadsheet, and then leave the group you will be dropped from the hunt.
  • You may not be invited to group until around 2 weeks before start of hunt.
  • Group is “Kastle & Co Events” and the invite will come from KastleRockCouture Resident (a bot,) Venom Zanzibar or Spooky Mistwallow
You agree to rez your sign upon receipt **within easy sight of the landing.** The sign has several scripts and is self-updating. The person loading the gift must own the sign or our scripted system wont work. Therefore, signs/kiosks and hunt items will never be sent to a manager.


  • go out about 3 days before start of hunt.
  • You are asked to place your hunt item as early as possible for admin purposes. You are welcome to place the item with or without a prize as this helps our tracking immensely. Please add the prize prior to prize deadline, though.
  • Items are scripted and self-cloaking.
  • The creator must be the one to rez hunt sign & item and scripts must be allowed on your sim. The same person must own both for our system to work.
  • Item must be placed on the same parcel as the sign.
  • These are hide and load.

Please do not recolor or retexture the hunt item. Resizing is usually ok if it is **minimal.** Tiny or huge hunt prims are not allowed. DO NOT remove our script, the settings nc or the next store's LM. Just hide it and place the prize(s) inside.

Please do not place anything in the hunt item except your BOXED prizes. Your own LM must be inside your boxed prize. You may place multiple boxed prizes in the same item.

  • Mini hunts within your store are allowed as long as each prize is a completely different item, not one piece of the same gift. If each prize is part of the same outfit or one piece of a set of items, then they belong boxed together in the same hunt item. You will need to let Spooky know you need more than one hunt item. (They need to have "1 of 3" etc programmed into the notecard)
  • You may hide male and female prizes separately if you wish. You need to program each hunt item with its own hint and symbols are provided in the final box to distinguish your hunt items.
  • Hiding the item inside a prim is not okay. The hunter must be able to see it by looking or camming, but not into other objects. Having a little corner of it sticking out is not acceptable.
  • Hiding the item outside the store is only okay if you sell merchandise outside the store (such as garden or outdoor furniture store) and its never okay to put it on the roof or out a window, etc. Please hide fairly.
  • Decoy hunt prims are not allowed nor are they needed. 

ABOUT TRANSFERABLE PRIZES: You can set any perms on your prize that you wish, but we very strongly suggest 'no transfer' because it is not possible to limit the number of copies people can take. If yours is transferable, someone can take hundreds of copies and sell them.

CANT BE ON TIME?: We do understand that things happen and you might not be set up exactly at 9pm. For most people this should happen no more than once. Kindly inform the organizer right away via nc. Again, this is a situation that should only happen once, and it should be extenuating circumstances.

NON COMPLIANCE: You understand that stores in non-compliance prior to start of hunt will be dropped.

HINTS: Hints are mandatory and will be set via the menu in your hunt item. Even if you say “No hint given” or “No hint needed” we must have something registering for the hint huds/buttons. If you fail to supply one, you will be skipped until the hint is set. If you use a separate hint giver it must be in addition to setting the hint.


Click here to open Spooky Mistwallow's profile inworld (to send your LM)

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