Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Skull-n-Bones: Caribbean Adventure

Our newest gridwide treasure hunt! At this time each year we normally have "S-n-B: The Pirate Hunt" but obviously that hunt has been replaced with this one. We wanted to expand to a broader spectrum of prizes but also find a theme that still included pirates. 

to get started! 

Dates: Aug 5 - Sept 5, 2018

60 Stops - Our hunts are arranged in paths of no more than 18 stores each and hunters have let us know they love being able to do the hunt in smaller chunks. Each path is Female only, Home and Garden, or Male & Female or Unisex.

Start Location: The last hunt prize in each path will contain a landmark for the gateway. You can grab a teleport to another path from there! Just click one of the beach huts. If the signs arent rezzing, right click the invisible prims surrounding the huts to see path name and type of prize.

Help Group is Kastle & Co Treasure Hunters and you can touch any sign for an invite.

Cost: Each prize is 2L. That money goes directly to the merchant to help offset some of their costs. It takes 5 hunters to recoup the cost of a single upload, so no one's making money off you. It just helps a bit. THANK YOU.

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