Sunday, October 30, 2016

Skull -n- Bones: The Black Widow 2

An all female hunt! 

October 30 - November 30, 2016

Each hunt gift costs $2L with the money going to the merchant to help offset their hard work and costs.

The first Black Widow Hunt was quite a few years ago but it was very successful due to the fact that most of the gifts were black and/or spooky or edgy. This one will be no exception!

HUNTERS - The hunt is laid out in 5 paths of 13 stores each so that you can do the hunt in chunks instead of one long list. Select one of the paths at the top of the page to get started!

All stops have female or unisex prizes. There are NO MALE PRIZES

PRIZE PREVIEW  Visit out Flickr group to see a sampling of hunt prizes.

Hunt Help Group is "Kastle/Electric Hunters"

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