Aus, Ant & S Amer Path

This leg of your world tour will take you to a few extremes! Your first 6 stops will be in the sunny land down under, Australia! After that you'll have two chilly dates with the penguins in Antarctica and, just before you freeze to death, its off to the wild jungles of beautiful South America! Another six locations hold some treasure for you there. between the snakes and the bitter cold, make sure you have lots of socks in your backpack!

1 Australia
Female Only  Are all these group gifts for me? Now I have the wardrobe for my world tour! Totally worth the trip upstairs.

2 Australia
Please click the Hint Giver at the hunt sign!

3 Australia
Female Only  You're on the hunt. Good deal!

4 Australia
Female Only  The bite won't kill you, but this will.

5 Australia
Make a speech.

6 Australia
   Female Only  Look up and over you will find me ...♥

7 Antarctica
   Female Only  Brrr! It's freezing out there! Better make sure you have your Snow Sweater ready!

8 Antarctica
I feel like there is a climate change observation to be made here...

9 S America
Near the Dark Continent you will find me.

10 S America
Tweets love to Eat!

11 S America
You are my sunshine.

12 S America
     Female Only  In a post-apocalyptic world, an eyebot is seeing.

13 S America
world is just in a corner

14 S America
     Female Only   Between diamond and 33 colors......

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