Africa Path

Get into your khakis, grab your binoculars and climb onto your safari truck for an epic trek across Africa! 10 treasure-filled stops await you on this leg of your world tour. bring plenty of water and font forget your camera!

   I'm not sure which I need more, the african spice chaise lounge or the african spice accent chair

   Female Only  DROPPED

   Olé, Olé!

   Upstairs in the Mesh Hair room, close to the Mania board.

   look near the hunt poster

   Use your ears not your eyes!

   Hint F: This Land raises money for Gwassi-Kenyan Schools!
   Hint U: Swinging on the hammock...

   As I sit in my Elegant room I look at the globe and remember my adventures in Africa

   Female Only  Is there a way to contact me at the store.

     Hint 1 : Straight from the horse's mouth
     Hint 2 : Give a dog a bone

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